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Squaduary 2017 - Progress in this Awesome Monthly Challenge

#Squaduary 2017 - Check the Progress in this Awesome Monthly Challenge!

Here are some posts of note from this challenge. Oldest posts are last.

Stepping Between Games (link)

Week/stage 3 update with links to participating blogs. Check them out!

Fortress Erioch (link)

Spoticus' Week 2 and Week 3 WIP and some new model builds

Fortress Erioch (link)

Dhrakk's second update for his 10th company Dark Angels scouts.

Watch Fortress Erioch (link)

Watch Fortress Erioch (link)

Broken Paintbrush (link)

Awesome site if you have not had a chance to visit!

Tabletop Apocalyps (link) - amazing models!

Good reads!

Stepping Between Games (link) - Squaduary Goes Live! Stage 1

Watch Fortress Erioch (link)

The initial commitment of what I am going to paint for the month. If achieved, I will have painted over a third of my total output for 2016.

Stepping Between Games (link)

This is the original post from the creator of Squaduary.

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