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Battle Brothers - Allies of our Hobby

"The Master said, (the good man) does not grieve that other people do not recognize his merits. His only anxiety is lest he should fail to recognize theirs." - Confucius from The Analects

Our community has a lot of enthusiasts that make this hobby better for all of us. These gamers and painters help us with forging the narrative, converting our armies and painting them.

These Battle Brothers posts will help recognize some of the amazing work that these people do to help our miniature gaming hobby.


Broken Paintbrush - Painting Tutorials, Hobby Guides, and Sharing my Joy of Painting Plastic Army Men

Post at Fortress Erioch here.

Joe at Broken Paintbrush does an amazing job at building our community. He is very active and there is a great back-and-forth between he and his subscribers through e-mails or blog posts. Dreadtober 

was an awesome event that brought me to his site. Events like these are a great way to build our community, just like Squaduary and Monster March. If only I was a fast enough painter to keep up! Check out my write-up on his site here. (link).

Winters SEO

Warhammer 40k battle reports and more.

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Winters SEO channel has a lot going for it. There are consistent battle reports, both 40k and 30k - about one a week. Winters also has tactics articles and some guides about terrain. The best part about his channel is the story line that he weaves into his battle reports. I enjoy following the trials of the 13th, the Penitent Forge, and occasionally the Dark Eldar.


Mengel Miniatures - Games Workshop modeling and reviews.

I am not at the point with my painting that I can come up with a scheme for everything without looking at a scheme that already exists. I use a lot of painting tutorials as a starting point for my painting. I almost always deviate, but they make a great starting point.

Some painting guides are more basic than I like to paint, while others are much more advanced. Mengel miniatures' guides provide a great challenge and impressive results.

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