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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bloodfuelled Prayers to Khorne - Khorne Slaughterpriest Painted

I wanted to display a model that I finally finished recently - the Khorne Slaughterpriest! Here, I will talk a little about the painting process for this beautiful model. My next post will be devoted to talking about using this monster in Warhammer 40k.

This is a well designed and imposing figure with a lot of color variation. I mostly used the painting guide from the White Dwarf from September 2016. He is a towering figure that makes for a great Dark Apostle if nothing else for 40K. I think we can do much better with the flavor though.

In this picture, we get a good look at a few parts of the model:

The Armor Plates:

The armor is based with Khorne Red, but layers up all the way to Troll Slayer Orange. This goes further than I usually might with Khorne armor. I also added some weathering with a few different silvers - mainly Leadbelcher.

The Wrathhammer:

The Wrathhammer is weathered with Ryza Rust and Typhus Corrosion. If you were to be hit by this weapon and not killed, you would require a tetanus shot!

I need to touch up the base a little it seems.

Gold Trim:

The gold trim of the armor offers a good contrast to the red. It starts off with a base of Retributor Armor and is washed with Agrax Earthshade. Highlights lead from Sycorax Bronze to Runefang Steel

The Hackblade:

This weapon follows the normal path of painting blades, with the added Blood for the Blood God technical paint. I love this paint - though it is a pain when you remember that the sheen is removed when you seal the model after painting it. You might as well wait.

A better look at the Hackblade!

Tainted Skin:

Note that in different areas of the skin you will see washes of Carroburg Crimson and Druchii Violet. These areas are the more chaos tainted areas of his body and were really fun to paint.

Wrapping Up:

If you have any other questions about the painting process, be sure to ask in the comments section. I would be happy to answer them. What are your thoughts on the model and paint job?

Have a great day!

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