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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dark Imperium Review - Thoughts on the post-Indomitus Crusade World

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Dark Imperium Review

Thoughts on the post-Indomitus Crusade World

I finished reading Dark Imperium by Guy Haley just a few days ago, and I wanted to share some thoughts that this book drew out for me, and of this new age for Warhammer 40,000.

If you have not had a chance to read the book, you can pick it up here at the Black Library. (link) I picked up the hardback on release day and was not disappointed.

Here are some thoughts about some particular topics within the book. I would love to know what you think - please comment below if you have a different take.

Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence

Dark Imperium in many ways created a new world for us 100+ years after the events of the Gathering Storm trilogy. Before the Gathering Storm, we had a release and infusion of two mini-factions of the Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence. I feel that the book set aside some time to justify why these factions exist and can be used as part of our armies today, and why they were not seen previously. The Custodes were portrayed in a very interesting way setting them apart from Roboute with him looking down on them for their actions and attitudes.

The new age of Primaris Marines

"He (Guilliman) made no attempt to hide the fact that the days of the older Space Marines were numbered."

This was something that perhaps I was looking for directly. What will the relationships be between the Primaris Marines and the older Space Marines? What dynamic exists between Guilliman and Calgar? While I felt that the emotions of Calgar are fleshed out in a very real and honest way about the return of the Primarch, there was not much interaction between Primaris and older Space Marines.

The Primaris Marines were the heroes here. The book felt like a reset in terms of what we will see with Space Marines. They are not just going to be elite choices to supplement an older Marine force in the future. Just my thoughts on that.

Forshadowing - the problem with Cawl

Cawl performed a task for Guilliman, and he wants returns on his efforts. The book did a great job setting up a future conflict if they choose to. Honestly, this could set up a future heresy with work. Cawl was only indirectly part of this book. I want more on this guy.

New units

Heavily armored Primaris Marines with missile launchers were leaked yesterday on some sites. These Primaris Terminators were part of the book and seemed awesome. We also see Primaris Apothecaries and Librarians. We know we will see these units. We also got to see the new Reivers.

The new Repulsor tanks and Redemptor Dreadnought are shown here to mow down anything the traitors can throw at them. There were some parts of the book that seemed like a commercial for upcoming units. Save for the new Death Guard, anything the enemy could throw at them was instantly outclassed by the new Primaris Marines.

The enemy

No new units beyond the Dark Imperium set for the enemy, save for Mortarion. I am really looking forward to him.


The book was great, though I had trouble pushing through the first 30-50 pages of it. The book followed a few different threads and characters, and I particularly enjoyed the Iax medical center portion. I loved how the book did not focus as much on battles as it did world building. I really enjoyed the human emotions portrayed by the new Primaris Marines and Marneus Calgar. That is the type of book that I wanted. I felt that some parts of the book pushed these new units, and it seemed a bit tacked on for me. That is unavoidable I suppose. I approve of this new world of 40k that we are a part of.


  1. I need to pick up a copy when I get some spare cash. Everything I've heard about it sounds interesting.

    1. It is great if you play marines and want to understand the world that these guys live in now post-8th edition.

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