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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Slaanesh Subjugator Titan WIP - The Awesome Power of Excess

Steve here, with a post about a project that I have had on my plate for a long time - the Slaanesh Subjugator Titan! This is my first large-scale conversion project, other than my Snakebite Ork Cyber wyvern, which is a post for another day.

I plan on working on this model a lot during the summer and keep up with the progress here. In this post, I will introduce the model, the process I took to create it, and my inspiration. I hope you enjoy. Critiques and comments are very welcome.

Project Inspiration

I have always been interested in scratch building terrain and larger Apocalypse models. I am also interested in Epic 40,000 models that have yet to be added to the 28mm world. This summer, I am definitely going to start work on an Ork weird boy tower! I spent time looking at titan models, and scratch builds that had occurred throughout the web.

Image used without permission
This image of a Slaanesh Subjugator intrigued me. The website that advertised it's creation has been lost to the warp. There are some bits of it here, but the pictures are no longer linked showing the creation. 

Epic 40,000 Model

Above is the picture of the old Epic 40,000 model for this scout titan. I modeled both Tormentor Cannons, as well as the Hellslicer Battle Claws, the Doom Siren, and the Blastmaster on my model. The look of this model was copied well with the bits that I used. This model screams flavor, and I want to come close to matching the color scheme with my end product.

The Fluff

Source: Warhammer Wiki (link).
The Slaanesh Subjugator, sometimes simply referred to as the Subjugator, is a large Daemon Engine of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of pleasure and excess. The Subjugator embodies the essence of Slaanesh; being lithe, incredibly swift, and fully able to move quickly and still use its weapons. When the hordes of Slaanesh attack, the Subjugators will race ahead of the army, galloping towards its foe with its long, powerful legs, the daemonic spirits inside chattering and screaming with the sensations that battle brings. These shrieks turn to howls of elation as the machine's weapons are brought to bear and the foe is destroyed in exquisite agony. Despite the machine's intimidating size and the awesome power of its weapons that are capable of pinning entire squads down, those brave enough to face it will find that its armor is no better than that of a Space Marine Dreadnought combat walker, ending the Daemon Engine's pleasure far quicker than its possessing spirits desire.
A Subjugator is armed with a variety of weapons for both long-range and close combat. The Daemon Engine features two Hellslicer Battle Claws -- one on each side of its chassis -- that can rip apart a foe many times its own size, and also armed with tail and dorsal-mounted Tormentor Cannons. A Tormentor Cannon is a psychically-charged Warp energy cannon that kills a Subjugator's victims with unbearable agony, leaving a trail of charred wrecks and ashen corpses wherever it is fired. A Subjugator is also armed with a set of twin-linked Blastmasters and a single Doom Siren mounted on the machine's front. These are Chaotic Sonic Weapons that kill with the agonizing power of extreme sound.
Size Comparison

The Parts

Picture used without permission
ED209 Vinyl Model Kit (1/12 I am almost certain)

If you can remember the real Robocop from the 80s =), this was the base of the model. Here is a link for a 1/9 vinyl model.

I am almost certain that I bought a 1/12 scale model, and that I was able to get it on eBay. A 1/9 size would be about 3 inches larger, and this scout titan is supposed to be somewhere between a knight titan and a Warhound. I did not want it to be larger.

Price: ~$30

This was my first go at modelling with Greenstuff on a larger scale. I know that it is not perfect, and I may redo some sections before I begin painting the model.

Price: ~$8
Needs rivets!
Hellslicer Battle Claws and arms

The claws were made from the legs of an Arachnarok Spider from Games Workshop. I bought the bits off of eBay. I cut holes into the arm/gun mounts of the ED209. I added some Chaos/Slaanesh iconography to these. The arms are from a pack of Defiler legs that I picked up off of eBay. The Defiler legs fit into the ED209 hull pretty easily with cutting.

Price: ~$25 for both Claws and Defiler Legs

Tormentor Cannons

These are Leman Russ Battle Cannons mixed with Defiler leg armor that came with the bits above. There is a lot of greenstuff mounting this to the ED209 hull. I plan on having that area be fleshy, like the Hellbrute model. I textured it for that purpose.

Price: ~$12 for the Battle Cannons

Doomsiren and Blastmaster

I had these bits lying around, and worked them into the grill of the ED209. This worked well with the model. I also added a heavy stubber and a spotlight that I had as extra bits.

I also used some extra iconography of Slaanesh for added effects here.

Price: none, had the bits

Needs a lot of rivets
The Legs

These are unaltered from the ED209 model, other than some chaos icons and armor plates added to them. I need to add some greenstuff/rivets to this area. It is lacking.

Some fleshy greenstuff would also be appealing over certain parts.

The Base

This is a circular wooden disc bought from A.C. Moore.

Price: $3 for the base

Where do I go from here?

Well, I have rivets to add and maybe some more greenstuff to do. I cannot start painting until I do that. This model can easily be used as a Chaos Knight titan, but I would also like to come up with some house rules for him after he is painted and after 8th edition hits.

What do you think? By no means is this modelling masterclass. This is really my biggest conversion project, but I am really proud of it. If this ends up being successful, I can move on to the other Epic 40,000 projects and scratch-builds. Silver Tower here I come!


  1. That's looking great, dude! Excellent find on the ED-209. I had been wondering where the main bulk of the Model came from, since it wasn't anything that I recognized off the top of my head. Really looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Will pick up a lot with this guy soon. Rivets are the immediate concern. Watched a crazy video that uses ice cream sprinkles for rivets. Going to give it a go.

  2. Good call on the base model you used. Although I can't belive you dropped in another teaser on us! Cyber wyvern?

    How many rivets are you planning on adding? I would suggest rounded studs, seems to suit the idea better to my mind.

    1. Ok Ok, I will post about the wyvern. He is not too special, another epic model that I really liked. They only have an armor save against ground forces in the rules, so I plated him with ramshackle armor only on his underside. Really fun.

  3. Nice conversion Steve, it's cool to see the carryover from the Epic mini, you did it real justice.