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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Love Painting Pink Horror Skin and Burning Chariot WIP - 'Oh, the Horror!' Day 5

Oh, the Horror! week is wrapping up. I wanted to get some last posts up showing painting progress on my Herald of Tzeentch riding the Burning Chariot and show off the painting steps for Pink Horror skin. I will create a tutorial once this is complete. This piece is very important to me because it marks the 47th model I have painted this year. I only completed 46 models in all of 2016 and beating that number in April of 2017 fills me with pride. I have Squaduary to thank for a lot of that. Also, the shot in the arm from Kaptain Von speaking about arm's reach painting.

I was really happy with the speed at which the screamers were painted. The painting guide that I started with unfortunately did not work well for me and I had to improvise, which is healthy. With the Screamers of Tzeentch I was particularly happy with how the eyes turned out. They were painted with a simple Yriel Yellow with a watered down Abaddon Black as the second step.

Painting the Screamers of Tzeentch

In the picture to the left, the camera picked up some pink/purple coloring on portions of the Screamers. This was not painted. I like it so much that I may add this color to the figure!

There are no real additional steps to the Screamers. I will just touch up the pink that we have seen. I look forward to a painting tutorial on these shortly.

Blending the Screamers with Magical Energy

I really liked this blending process. I used a mix of wet blending and drybrushing to smooth the transition between chariot pieces and these Screamers. I was really happy with it. The color progression for this blending and the Screamer skin was Kantor Blue -> Altdorf Guard Blue -> Alaitoc Blue -> Lothern Blue -> Hoeth Blue. This was me experimenting though. I am sure that you would not need all of those colors. I could have left it after the first Kantor Blue wet blend.

Finished Disc on Chariot

The disc is not perfect, though I come away with being pleased with it. There are errors with some bleeding of the gold paint, I just do not think that it is worth the time to start at step one with those parts of it. It will be nigh unnoticeable after I glue the Herald on to it.

Next Steps - the Details

I will be working on the books and the arms holding the books next. I also have to finish the base and the magical flames on the energy at the base of the chariot. This is not a desirable part of the painting process. It will take a lot of time for little progress.

Horror Skin Complete

I have gone through the very quick five step process of painting Pink Horror skin with the Herald of Tzeentch. I work from Pink Horror -> Carroburg Crimson -> Emperor's Children -> Screaming Skull in my progression on my wet palette. These colors starting in the third step are all dry brushed, so the timeline of completion is fast.

I hope you like the progress of the chariot. I look forward to tutorializing it soon and showing off some shots from the photo box! Please comment on what you think below.


There was a good tip from Westrider in the comments section about blending my horns on the Screamers better. Here is my updated Screamer. Thank you so much for the suggestion!


  1. I am definitely a fan of the arm's length painting approach.

    The blending between the Screamers and the magical energy is great, but then you left their horns/tusks/spines as just three very distinct bands of colour. Could maybe use a little more graduation there, as it stands out even at a distance.

    The overall effect of the Chariot as a whole is very nice, tho.

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I have posted an updated picture after blending the horns better. What do you think?

    2. Yeah, that's way better! Nicely done!