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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch - Flame on and paint quick!

Steve here with some finished Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. These are new models that can be found in both the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and in a box set with Blue Horrors.

In the fluff, Pink Horrors are the jovial automatons of Tzeentch, and when they are dealt a mortal wound, they split into two Blue Horrors which are much more vindictive and spiteful. When these Blue Horrors are mortally wounded, they split into two Brimstone Horrors. This is new to the fluff as of the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower release of 2016.

With each Pink Horror producing two of these models, we have the likelihood to be painting two of these bases for each of the Pink Horrors you use, with two painted Blue Horrors in between. That means that we need an efficient way to paint these guys.

Below is the process that I went through. It mirrors Games Workshop's February 2017 White Dwarf Magazine of a reverse highlight, which is what I do for all of my Horror flames.

Priming and basing:

These will need to be primed in white. I do not see a situation where I would prime these any other color. If your priming is not consistent (and mine was not for this run), you will have to base the model with any white color. I believe I used Ceramite White, but I see no issue with any other white you have.


I had to buy the Lamenters Yellow glaze for this. I had not ever used it before and I thought that it worked very well. A quick model wash of this and the model will be halfway done. Make sure you are careful to let this wash fully dry before continuing on. I used white on the recesses after the glaze had dried. This is the hottest part of the Horror.

Drybrushing the other layers:

The idea of these warpflames is to highlight progressively with darker colors for flames. It is a neat idea that I use for the flames on all of my Horrors. I drybrushed Troll Slayer Orange -> Evil Sunz Scarlet -> Black for this step. I believe that any range of orange or red would work well here, as long as the red is closer to orange on the spectrum than purple.
Eyes and teeth:

The eyes and teeth are black and highlighted with a gray.

Overall thoughts:

These were quick models to paint and I was able to finish 14 of them in a morning. This is the way they must be with the model requirement for playing these en masse in your army. Let me know what you think.


  1. I think the Blue Horrors splitting into Brimstones actually entered the fluff sometime in 2016. Alongside the Silver Tower release, I remember seeing some little bit about them in 40K fluff, even tho they didn't get 40K Rules until last December.

    I think I might actually do mine a bit darker, like they're sort of burning out. Haven't decided yet, tho.

    1. You have to be right there. Silver Tower precedes the Tzeentch release. My bad on that.

    2. Also, I did some looking up on what "brimstone" actually is. Turns out it's an old name for sulfur, which burns with a pale blue flame, and melts into a blood-like liquid before it completely flames up, so I now think I'm actually going to go with that for mine. Something like this:

    3. You are clever one. I would like to see how that turns out. I would not mind doing my second set like that if they pan out. They are almost like a brighter flame than the Blue Horrors.

  2. Nice little tutorial. Sometimes it's all about how fast and efficient it is to paint so many minis.

    1. How else can we defeat the tide of grey? (other than sensibly ceasing our purchasing!)

    2. cease purchasing?!?! HERESY!!! :-)