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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Completed Iyanden Wraithblades - They are all the Rage!

Painting guide coming later this week =)

Steve here with a guide that I wanted to put up for some time. This is the one success that I had with #Squaduary. As I speak, I have at least two dozen models surrounding me on my painting table. At least these ones have been moved to the Eldar cabinet.

Here we have a set of five Eldar Wraithblades from the Iyanden Craftworld. I have painted them in an alternative style to fit in with some of the fluff that I have read about them. Below is the background with what led me to paint these awesome models in this style. I would love to know what you think.

In the fluff, Wraithblades are rage incarnate. They are kept separate from the other wraith constructs so as to not taint the others' spirits. I picture them dormant in rooms that are normally off limits to the Eldar except when the Craftworld is in dire need.

The Blades: 

I do not like using metallic colors when working with Eldar. I feel that they are beyond using metal, The blades are done in the same style as Witchblades or Singing Spears using a mix of greys and blues.

The Damage and the Head:

I decided to stipple (read damage a nice drybrush) battle damage and wear on the armor of these ancient figures. The black ties in to the head and gives them a very edgy look. I had a lot of inspiration from this recent post from Tale of Painters on making Eldar look more alien (link). I feel that the ultra-clean look did not fit with the personality of these angry death-dealers. The glossy helmets really add to the alien feel as well.


These models come together fast through the base coating and shading portions. Unfortunately, error correction was a real challenge and took a ton of time with these models. My initial layers for the yellow are a Cassandora Yellow over the primed white color. If any of that blue or black hits that yellow, and believe me it did - you are looking at a few coats to undo the damage.


This might be one of the first times that I went off Craftworld and adapted a painting scheme to more of what I felt was right with what I read about Wraithblades. Maybe this is me growing with my creative side as a painter. I am not sure. What I am sure about is that I really like how these guys turned out!


  1. Great work on them! The blue blades look vivid against the cream yellow and blacks. I like the battle damage as well, even fancy Eldar get a bit dinged up.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Maybe those Eldar do not need to look so fancy. =)

  2. Loving how they look.
    Plus I didn't know that backround info about them.

    1. Thanks for your comment and compliment. I did not know either. It gives a whole new feeling about these guys and it a different vibe than a lot of the Eldar units.