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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bringing the Best Battle Reports - Winters SEO - Battle Brothers

Follow Winters SEO Youtube Channel. You will not be disappointed.

Winters SEO

Our community has a lot of enthusiasts that make this hobby better for all of us. These gamers and painters help us with forging the narrative, converting our armies and painting them.

These Battle Brothers posts will help recognize some of the amazing work that these people do to help our miniature gaming hobby.

I will keep a running list and summary of these allies in a button page link on the site. Thank you for all that you do.

Today, I want to recognize a YouTuber, I present to you Winters SEO.

I watch a lot of battle reports. They range in how engaging they are, and vary in presentation style. In these past few years, there has been one YouTube channel that has the characteristics that I find most desirable.

Winters SEO channel has a lot going for it. There are consistent battle reports, both 40k and 30k - about one a week. Winters also has tactics articles and some guides about terrain. The best part about his channel is the story line that he weaves into his battle reports. I enjoy following the trials of the 13th, the Penitent Forge, and occasionally the Dark Eldar.

He also happens to be the first YouTuber that was invited to play and participate in the Twitch Warhammer Live battle reports. He deserved it.

Check out his channel, you will not be disappointed. Below, I have a set of links to his most recent battle reports and some tutorials that I found particularly useful.


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