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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Battle Brothers #1 - Allies of our Hobby - Broken Paintbrush

Broken Paintbrush

Our community has a lot of enthusiasts that make this hobby better for all of us. These gamers and painters help us with forging the narrative, converting our armies and painting them.

These Battle Brothers posts will help recognize some of the amazing work that these people do to help our miniature gaming hobby.

I will keep a running list and summary of these allies in a button page link on the site. Thank you for all that you do.

Today, I want to recognize a blogger. First, I will start off with Broken Paintbrush.

Joe at Broken Paintbrush does an amazing job at building our community. He is very active and there is a great back-and-forth between he and his subscribers through e-mails or blog posts. Dreadtober 

was an awesome event that brought me to his site. Events like these are a great way to build our community, just like Squaduary and Monster March. If only I was a fast enough painter to keep up! Check it out:

Broken Paintbrush also has a great many posts that help out starting bloggers. Many of those have been brought into effect in this blog.  Here are some of my favorite posts in this category:

On the hobby side of things, Broken Paintbrush also has great painting tutorials and in depth tutorials for hobby tools. Here are some of my favorite posts on painting and tools from his site:

The bottom line is that you should both check out the page and subscribe. You get a lot more with that extra level of communication.



  1. Joe is one of the greats in this community of ours.

  2. Wow Spot1cus, I'm really honored by your post! It's been a lot of fun getting involved with the community and it's really encouraging to hear that the tutorials and posts are helpful 😀

    1. My pleasure of course, and forgive the delay in reply. It is the community that can help drive the hobby for us when we have long periods of time between actual games. My blog would not be chugging along without a lot of the tips that I got from your site - you and guest writers. I thank you for that.