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Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Squaduary Update - So Many Unique Models. Spread that Love!

A lot going on to start this week with painting. Sadly, I am slightly delayed on week 2 of our #Squaduary challenge from Stepping Between Games (link). The flu got me.... I will be combining posts on week 2 and week 3. Being a teacher and a natural rule follower, I have been stressed out about not making the deadline for week 2. I will strive to improve!

Here is what is on my table:

Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators
Spent a lot of time on these this morning. I primed them with black spray, then basecoated with Retributor Armor, followed by a Reikland Fleshshade Wash. At this point I have just started on step 3, which is the application of Thousand Sons Blue paint throughout the armor. These are going to be beautiful, but I am going to have to work for it!

 Iyanden Wraithblades

I performed a lot of steps here, from the Cassandora Yellow basecoat wash (neat), followed by Macragge Blue for the armor. I washed the blue with Drakenhof Nightshade, as well as the swords, which were first basecoated with Celestra Grey. Blades are too dark at this point. Needs help!

 Khorne Bloodcrushers

Loved putting together these models! They have been primed in black and based with GW's Mephiston Spray. I do not think these should be too tough to paint!
 Iron Warriors Mk III Armor

These guys were so awesome to build. I will be basecoating these shortly with a mix of Runefang Steel and Seraphim Sepia or some type of Brown. Looking forward to following the guide from the Golden D6.

I love the fact that the blades hang on the backs here to represent their wargear. Great models from the Burning of Prospero set.
 Pink Horrors

Will be base coated in Pink Horror shortly. Not very original, I know. =)
 Shining Spears

I did a tutorial on how to spruce up these models a while back (link). I wanted to basecoat these with an off-white color. I thought at first Celestra Grey, but this will be too dark. I am going after Ulthuan Grey as a basecoat for this, and will color the blues in the same way as I do with Iyanden or perhaps Alaitoc Eldar.

In other WIP News.....

This model is amazing. Really looking forward to painting him!

 The Triumvirate of the Imperium

Cawl.... you will haunt my dreams with your build. I have one more support sister for Celestine to build and the Inquisitor. These will not be the easiest painting tasks to accomplish.

These models are amazing. GW continually outdoes itself.

Nurgle Dreadnought

This model is out of print. I found this on eBay in Forgeworld clampacks and bags on the cheap. This was a blast to put together and I have primed it in white.

I am planning on tackling the bare armor in Nurgle marine colors, while I will paint the fleshy boils and skin covering in Plaguebearer colors. Should be an interesting painting task.

What do you think? Will it be overwhelming? I am concerned, but I have filled with energy for painting right now. Maybe it is just the energy from finally feeling healthy again.


  1. Are you seriously doing that many things at once? Mordain7th watch out, a NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED!

    1. OR...... I could just be a fool who bit off more than he could chew. I will post some progress tonight. Let's hope for the best.

  2. Looks like a ton to get done! I've not done any of my Squadary stuff done for this week and am away all weekend! Going to have a be a quick highlight on Monday evening!

    1. You have made great progress already though. The Deathwatch squad looks awesome.

  3. I am really looking forward to the next update to see what has been completed, ambitous man for sure.