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Sunday, February 5, 2017

#Squaduary - Dark Angels 10th Company: Reinforcements en Route

This month, Dhrakk will be putting together two boxes of scouts, and a made-to-order Veteran Sergeant Naaman for his #Squaduary challenge.
Greetings readers! I am Dhrakk, a long-time friend of Spoticus. He's encouraged me to take the #Squaduary miniature challenge.

I have taken the this opportunity to fill in some gaps I have in my army composition. For those who are unfamiliar with the Dark Angels codex, our primary detachment 'Lion's Blade Strike Force' must include a minimum of one Auxiliary choice. The cheapest (points-wise) tax available is the 10th Company Support, in which 1-5 Scout units can be taken.

The plan for #Squaduary was to complete:

  • 10 scouts (9 bolters, 1 sergeant)
  • 10 scouts (9 sniper rifles, 1 sergeant)
  • 1 special (dead) character - Veteran Sergeant Naaman.
Note: Due to a back-order problem, I may only have the first 10 scouts & Naaman completed by the end of the first week.

This is Veteran Sergeant Naaman, in all his awful metal glory. However, I've made a conversion. I tend to play WYSIWYG as much and whenever possible; and scout sergeants can't take auspicesTIL plural of auspex (also, I lost the bit for it). The bits for this conversion are:
  1. Veteran Sergeant Naaman body
  2. Scout CCW upper arm & wrist
  3. Left-handed bolt pistol from Ravenwing Command sprue.

Games-Workshop only puts 4 bolters in its Scout sprue. This might not be a problem for most people, as there's generally 1 sergeant per 5 scouts, but I've already got Naaman as my sergeant!

Because conversions are fun (and I have a lot of Space Marine bits) I've come up with this. Bolters on scouts have slightly different hands on the trigger from Space Marine bolters. I wanted a bolter that might distract the eyes from this. The Space Marine Sternguard bolters not only somewhat obscure the hands, but also have a shoulder strap to match the rest of the squad!

All in all, I very much look forward to painting these models over the next month.


  1. Glad to see them coming together, bravo for the old metal sarge.

  2. Another great entry for Squaduary. Can't wait to see how they come along.

  3. Nice bit fix for Naaman. He will look great painted up!