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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Warhammer: Great Hobby Tools that Help Me Every Day

In 2016, I have become a better painter. I imagine I will say the same at the end of 2017. Last year, I added many painting tools and aids to my game, and I wanted to share these with you.

I was able to paint 42 miniatures in 2016. I hope to double that in 2017, so I believe that I will have to focus on speed above all else, especially for troop type models.

Anyway, here are the tools that helped my hobby game in the last year or so.

Citadel Mold Line Remover and Army Painter Hand Drill

The mold line remover has been a nice upgrade and does more than my normal file does. Great buy!

The hand drill is my second, and has been very good and came at a great price. I recommend it!

 Size 01 and 005 Micron Pens (Black)

These help with drawing lines of any color. I use black. I used these to make Eldrad's glyphs and to draw the cross sections of my harlequins. Great upgrade that did more than I was currently capable of with my brush.

Here are the glyphs in action done with a Micron pen. I had tried to freehand them with a brush four times before...

Wood Trays to hold paints and tools from AC Moore

 I use a Sharpie to write each paint's name on the top of the pot. This allows me to stack paint trays atop one another and still have access to all of them easily. These trays were about $5 each and allows me to:

  • Move and pack them up them easily
  • Find which paint I am looking for easily
  • Organize them easily by color
  • Keep my tools with my paints

Wet Palette (free almost)

Huge upgrade here to the wet palette this year. Where have you been all my life? I made this out of wax/parchment paper, paper towel, and a Tupperware container.

The video that helped me easily make one is below. With this, my paints will stay wet for up to three weeks. All done with things available around my house.

Video link below

Paint Cup

A Christmas splurge. You have to roll in style.

An Assist to Hold Models

I am old, so I have plenty of prescription bottles. These, with some sticky tack on the top is great to hold your hands onto while painting without having to grab your model. A must.....

Winsor and Newton Series 7 Paintbrushes - Size 00 and 0

These brushes are kings and workhorses. They take care of all of my tight spaces work, and keep their point better than any brush that I have ever had. They are amazing.

Also - another tip that is not really a tool, but has really helped me recently - two elbows on the table and hold your breath!

What are your go-to tools for the hobby? 


  1. Plus to the army painter hand drill. Best I've used so far.

  2. That's a great list of tools. I haven't used the mold line remover yet, is it that much better than the XActo? I like the homemade wet palette too, it made the world of difference for my painting.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really like the mold line remover, I imagine it works as well as the XActo. With two young children in the house, the mold line remover is a little safer if they manage to get a hold of it.

    2. oh good point! I've always just used the XActo but I could see the advantages of a safer tool while working around the kids.

    3. I like my mould line remover a lot better than a hobby blade, personally. I also use a Squadron seam scraper with a little deferent shape. They each have their use and keeping all 3 on hand during a build is a HUGE time saver. The Citadel one has a nice curve, so rounded armor pads, gun barrels, etc. are much easier to do. The seam scraper is ideal for flat panels that are in a little tighter spots since it's smaller than the Citadel one. I really only use the hobby blade for the very tightest spots that I can't fit the other tools into, and to take off the large burrs where the sprue attached. Trying to scrape those off is a pain, so I cut flush and then smooth the 'wound' into the surrounding area.

    4. I will take a look into the seam scraper. Thanks for the heads up and detail on different scrapers for different surfaces. I did not know the tools existed.

  3. I recently grabbed the Games Workshop pin vice and it's been fantastic. More expensive than other hobby tools, but I think it was worth it. As far as tools go, I'm looking forward to getting more use out of my airbrush this year, and learning more tricks with it.
    I also recently got pointed to a company called Widgetco, where you can order corks of all sizes to pin your models into for ease of painting. Size 22 is great for space marines.

    1. Thank you for your comment. If it works well for you, it is worth the price. Definitely works that way too with brushes.

      This year, I want to learn more about airbrush use as well. Maybe also becoming more proficient with green stuff.

      I'll definitely look into Widgetco - thanks for your suggestion.

  4. I hate to admit to this one. My big hobby tool for 2016 was a pair of chemist brought magnifying glasses. It's amazing what you can do when you can actually see what you're painting!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sounds like a neat idea, though I do not know if I am quite there yet. My painting suffers most from lack of energy and shaky hands!