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Monday, January 23, 2017

#Squaduary Squad Building and Painting Challenge - Accepted!

Next month, I am joining in for a painting challenge I found over on Stepping Between Games - #Squaduary. Check out his blog and join in!

This painting challenge is set up to have us complete one part of the painting process across the four weeks of February. I really like this idea because it challenges me at my weakest point - painting troop models. I love painting characters and centerpieces, but my will to paint troops and squads is severely lacking. If I want to exceed my painting total of 42 models in 2016, this is a positive step!

Here is #Squaduary's plan:

Assembly: 1st - 7th
Basic painting: 8th - 14th
Clean up and details: 15th - 21st
Basing: 22nd - 28th

Here is my goal:

1 squad of Wraithguard as Wraithblades (swords)
I was going to start with Singing Spears that I have already assembled and basecoated from a previous article here on how to improve their look from their old kits. After reading the goals for #Squaduary, I decided to start with something on sprue to work though that pile on my shelf.

These will be painted in Iyanden colors.

1 squad of Iron Warriors (Mk III - Prospero)

I bought this set off eBay after seeing a really neat tutorial for Iron Warriors on The Golden D6 magazine. I wanted to make a squad of them to perhaps use in Kill Team.

Should look really great and be my first foray into CSM.

Piece of cake, right? I hope so! 15 of these guys will make up about 35% of my total output from 2016. I will also try to complete some of my individual models during this time.

Take a look at Deadpool from Knight Miniatures coming along.

I will straighten out those weapons, I promise!

I'm prepping a painting tutorial for him, and I will even have some fun 40k assassin rules to play with him.

Anyway, looking forward to it!


  1. Ambitious goal for the month but I like it! Ok so it contains Iron Warriors, so it hits a sweet spot for me :-)
    Good luck!

    1. I saw a lot of your Iron Warriors pics from your site. The Golden D6 tutorial is very gritty. Did you see the guide in Golden D6 Issue 6?

      My main reason for choosing the Wraithblades is because of your comment on your recent article about the wall of sprue that you have - I have one as well, and have had the wraithguard for almost 2 years unassembled. Time to fix that....

    2. I did, I like Apologist's work and if/when I get back around to painting my IW they will probably take on a similar feel.
      way to be knocking the wall down a bit!

  2. Really looking forward to seeing how all this comes together for ye.

    Also <3 Deadpool!

    1. Thanks for creating Squadary! Will keep the updates coming - Can you imagine the fun of a 40k game where they come across a Xenos world of super heroes and villains that they have to fight? Kill team vs. the Avengers or something like that...

  3. Just what the world needs, more Wraithguard ;) Looking forward to seeing the progress from all the blogs taking part.

    1. Thanks for your comment. At least they do not have the D-weapons! Other than deep-striking wraith cannons or moreso D-scythes, I have not had much success with melee variants.

      They sure do look cool though.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    1. The posts are starting to pop up for week 1! Thanks for your comment.