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Friday, January 27, 2017

Spotlight - Fun with the Game - Rules for Deadpool in 40k

The Premise:

The Imperium comes across a Xenos planet that is populated, but some have exceptional powers. The Imperium decides that the planet is worth bringing into the Emperor's Light, but these mutants and abominations must be eliminated first.

Slowly, I will build up a group of models from Knight Models (link) for painting purposes. Why not use them on the tabletop for a non-serious game from time to time?

Want a painting guide for this Deadpool model? I created one here (link).

The Rules:

I started with the rules sheet for Deadpool that came with the model (model link). I also used started with some stats from the Officio Assassinorum Codex.

Here is what I came up with - let me know what you think. Remember - this is for fun and suggestions are welcome.


I like the idea with homebrew rules to have hero abilities to be used during the psychic phase - a mixing with Age of Sigmar rules. I think that we are in for the psychic phase to be paired down soon anyway in 8th edition.

All abilities are derived from Knight Models rules for Deadpool and corroborated through Google searches about Deadpool (I am not a comic guy).

Note that he is not an independent character.

He feels underpowered, but realistic due to his abilities to me. Strength and Toughness 3 are going to hurt, Are his points valued accurately for his abilities and stats?

All thoughts are welcome!


  1. Personally I did mine up as Cypher. Following along your idea using either eversor or vindicare stats would be good.

    1. Your post on Deadpool was really cool. Thanks for the link!

      See - he must have a place in 40k.