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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Introducing Deadpool from Knight Miniatures with Painting Guide

This is my first painted miniature from Knight Miniatures - Deadpool (link). He was quite affordable, coming in at under the cost of a character model from GW, and came in metal. The casting was not perfect, and did require green stuff around certain joints, but it was manageable even for my amateur level of green stuff skill.

Painting Guide:

Time: ~1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Paints Used:

  • Mephiston Red
  • Evil Sunz Skarlet
  • Fire Dragon Bright
  • Bloodletter Glaze
  • Nuln Oil
  • Abaddon Black
  • Eshin Grey
  • Dawnstone
  • Doombull Brown
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Leadbelcher
  • Nuln Oil
  • Runefang Steel
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey
  • Dawnstone
  • Squig Orange
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Typhus Corrosion
  • Stirland Mud
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Skavenblight Dinge

1. So to begin, I started with a black primer.

2. I followed up with a basecoat of Mephiston Red in the appropriate areas. I heavily used the image from the Knight Models website for help with this (link).

3. I used a small controlled wash of Nuln Oil over the red. I did not go overboard here.

4. I wanted to grow some layers of brightness and vibrancy to the model, so instead of going layer/highlight, I added a bit of Mephiston, Evil Sunz Skarlet, and Fire Dragon Bright to my wet palette and started mixing and layering some very thin shades of the red leading up to a final layer of Fire Dragon Bright on the red areas. I really liked the way this turned out. I tried to layer this in a way that would highlight the areas hit by light.

 5. I brought all of my layers together with some Bloodletter Glaze over the whole red area.

6. I moved on to the black next with a thin coat of Abaddon Black, followed by a highlight of Eshin Grey and finally Dawnstone. This works on his bodysuit, his guns, and the sheaths for his swords.

7. I painted the leather and straps all in Doombull Brown. There are a lot of straps, that can be well hidden by the black paint. Have good lighting!

8. I gave the brown a wash with Agrax Earthshade, and followed up with a quick layer of Mournfang Brown in the raised areas. I could have gone with another highlight of brown at this point - maybe Bugman's Glow, but I opted against it.
 9. The metal was painted very quickly with Leadbelcher, followed with a wash of Nuln Oil. There are straps near his calves that also got some silver, as well as parts of the sheaths of his swords.

10. I highlighted the silver areas with Runefang Steel.

11. I painted his eyes with Ulthuan Grey. I ended up repainting some black around his eyes afterwards. Shoulders on the table and holding my breath did not work here. =)

The Base:

I added some GW scenery bits that I had lying around. Grass, mud, or Agrellan Earth did not seem like a good fit here.

Stone: This was really touch and go with many colors here. I worked the stones with Dawnstone and Nuln Oil with some highlighting and use of Typhus Corrosion.

Building Bit: I basecoated with Mechanicus Standard Grey, then drybrushed with Dawnstone, Squig Orange, and some Ulthuan Grey. I do this with most of my ruins. I also used some touches of Nuln Oil, Mournfang Brown, Skavenblight Dinge, and Typhus Corrosion to taste.

Some mud and a tuft of grass to wrap it up!

So what do you think? At 35mm, these models would not look out of place on your tabletop. Maybe another type of assassin to grace your battlefield.


  1. Deadpool FTW. Nicee job with the model there. Darker than I would have went for but well painted.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think some of the darkness is due to the lighting. For Squadary, I plan on making a photo box. Long overdue for a painting blog anyway.

      40k rules for Deadpool incoming later today!