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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Eldar Shining Spears - Making these Old Kits more Lively

Glad to be posting again after a few days sick. In this post, I will show how to update the older Shining Spears kits - either metal or resin to be a little more modern.

This is my first time working with Shining Spears. I have about 18 or so jetbikes set up as scatter bikes that get dusted off for tournaments, but are generally too powerful to play in friendly games. I was able to score a new box of metal and plastic Shining Spears off eBay for $15 with shipping, which was too good to pass up. But.... I do not like the look of the old jetbikes compared to the new ones, so I wanted to update them however I could.

The box:
The box came with three jetbike sprues in plastic and enough metal Shining Spear bits to make 4 Shining Spears - 3 + 1 exarch, which was really nice.

Steps for the update:
The bottom one definitely looks better.
If you own the newer jetbikes, you may have a lot of the twin-linked shuriken catapults lying around. I definitely do with my bikes set up with scatter lasers, as cheesy as that is.

The main idea was to replace the old shuriken catapults with the newer ones from the newer kits. I did not want to shell out any extra money for this upgrade.

I wanted the gun to mount nicely onto the bottom mounting of the jetbike. Below I will show how I did that.

1. Clip off the gun mounting pin towards the front of the jetbike.

2. Clip off the piece in front of the pedals on the engine piece of the bike.

3. Clip off the pins on top of the new shuriken catapult. Then glue together as shown above. The gun should fit snugly into the area.

A small note, I had to pin this piece on, and it was not that easy. These are going to be snapped off without the extra work I fear.
This should be your finished jetbike model. It looks a bit better, and you probably had these extra pieces lying around if you are an Eldar player with the newer jetbikes.

As for the rider, I pinned the exarch's lance arm because it was too heavy as metal. I am not sure that this would be necessary for resin casts.

Finally, I did not like the 2.5" wide flight stands, so I used my hand drill to put a hole in a 40mm base. This will look very nice once based and a lot less unwieldy than the very large base it came with
Here is the finished exarch. I will have a painting guide up soon for these guys. Not much existing out there on that end.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to update some of their older jetbikes to look better on the table!

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