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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Can 8th Edition be Streamlined and More Diverse? Hope!

Many of the news sites I follow for our hobby have writers and supporters that have expressed the desire for a simplification or streamlining of Warhammer 40K for 8th edition.

They are clear that they do not want another Age of Sigmar, but the current rules are so bloated that parts need to be simplified or cut.

Streamlining Warhammer 40K for 8th edition can be a good thing, as long as they work to diversify rules and mechanics to fit more within the world they have created in fiction.

In 8th edition, this is what I would like to see:

1. No more you go, I go. We should not have to sit down while the other player or players are taking their turn because it may take an hour in a larger game. There are too many large periods of inactivity in some games. Alternate unit activations. Give me an action bar as in RPGs. Some actions take a half action, some full. After this unit completes their actions, your unit can. Simple markers could denote this. Get your opponent in the game every few minutes and stop alpha strike games that are no fun for half involved.

2. Get rid of or vastly change the psychic phase. Many armies again just sit and wait. This is too much for certain armies. Either have a hero phase where characters of all types can use abilities or make them a part of the above action bar. If I am playing a psychic heavy army, I should not have to have 34 dice in front of me that I use to spend 20 minutes casting spells. Use that action bar! Why can a level 3 psyker move, cast three spells, shoot and maybe charge in one turn when my centuries old captain of the Blood Angels can only manage fewer things with his time?

3. Add more types of dice. This fits into an earlier post about terminator armor (link). I am not talking about going back to 2nd edition here. We need more dice types to diversify combat and armor. This is the opposite of streamlining unfortunately, but I feel that this could evolve the game and give real weight behind some types of armor and weapons. I am sorry lasguns, you should have almost no chance in killing a terminator.

4. Monstrous creatures weakening over time. I am talking about the larger centerpiece models, like a Bloodthirster. I really like this aspect of Age of Sigmar. The problem here is where would the cutoff be for which creatures get these special stats. Maybe a card would be needed as well to keep track of stats. These are solvable problems.

Something like this. Games Workshop link

5. Cover and armor. Your broadsides in cover should not lose the bonus of being in cover because they have better armor. There needs to be some type of bonus. Cover needs to add a modifier to the hit rolls rather than offer a save themselves. Maybe certain cover is ineffective against larger strength shots. That would make sense as well.

Will any of these come true for 8th edition? Let me know what in these ideas resonates with you or any other wishes you have for 8th edition!

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