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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Amak tu amat Slaanesh! - Warhammer Ignorant Armies Review

I really enjoy digging into the origins of both the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k lore. I spend a fair amount of time looking at old posts from the Realm of Chaos 80s: Warhammer blog and recently came across a post about some of the earliest publications in the Warhammer World. Here we have Warhammer: Ignorant Armies.

I was able to pick this up for about $10 used and it has eight short stories in it. Here is a summary of the first two stories that I have read and some thoughts:

Geheimnisnacht by William King

This has the honor of being the first Gotrek and Felix story. The best part of it however is that Slaanesh is out in full force in this story. If you have an issue with GW toning down the nature of Slaanesh there are some slime encrusted cultists trying to grind on the protagonists here while trying to kill them. There is a creepiness to parts of this story and I found that refreshing.

This was a more raw and less refined Warhammer story, and I really enjoyed it.

The Reavers and the Dead by Charles Davidson

This story was also an enjoyable one. A tale of a liche, a boy, reavers, and the village in between. This is another great story that could fit into any fantasy universe, and adds a lot of flavor.


I watched a couple of Gotrek and Felix models on eBay. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey as they are OOP. The first story got me thinking to look for some appropriately creepy Slaanesh cultists, but initial searches were not that forthcoming. I will look more into that later.

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