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Saturday, December 24, 2016

+++ Thank your significant other this holiday season +++

Thank your Significant Other This Holiday Season

I am in the middle of researching and reading through the old Citadel Journals for myself and a future blog article, and I came across this blog post from 2012. The article is from the Realm of Chaos 80s blog, which gives me access to some very old Citadel articles and other ideas in the Oldhammer universe.

The name of the blog article is Leadhead Widows: The Woes of a Wargamer's Wife. It made me think of how my hobby affects my family and home, and to not take these things for granted.

In this write-up, the writer lists out the wargaming crimes that we commit against our wargaming spouse. Which are you guilty of?

1. Paint clutter in the house.

Definitely no shortage of this in my house. May take up my desk, parts of an extra couch, or a table. I have worked hard to minimize my footprint lately, but I am definitely guilty here.

2. Reading material in the bathroom.

Where else would it be? Actually, while there is a magazine or two that I keep in there, I complete most of my reading in the shower or in bed. There are many a codex and Horus Heresy novel by the bed currently. I am partially guilty here - or maybe worse off.

3. Clothes a mess, but all magazines perfectly organized.

Unfortunately, even my magazines, painting guides, and codex piles can be disorganized. At least they are mostly away. Clothes are not in that bad of shape! Verdict - does not really apply.

4. Jars full of soaking miniatures.

Does not apply. I almost never strip paint off minis. I would either not buy pre-painted or I would paint over it. I have not had too much success with stripping. Verdict - not guilty.

5. Malign influence over the children.

Well.... my two year old can call out a dreadnought (Loyalist or Chaos) on sight as well as a Space Marine. My 5 year old knows meltaguns on sight and most of the races. He has his own models that he paints and plays with. Who knows..... I am not sure if I would call it malign. Unless I read into why he wants a Demon Prince for Christmas in the wrong way. Verdict - probably guilty.

6. No one can eat at the dinner table.

I am not the one that crowds that table usually. The computer table on the other hand is what you see here usually dialed up to 20. In the past few weeks I have made real effort to keep it more clean with the models I am truly working on currently. Verdict - not that guilty.

7. Endless packages arriving in the mail.

Not that guilty here. =) I do not have that kind of money AND I am trying to be more supportive of my local GW because of his great service and help., Verdict - only guilty during holidays.

Bottom line

We are very lucky to have significant others that tolerate our hobby despite:

  • it being a money pit at times
  • that it takes up a lot of our time and thoughts
  • that it clutters up the house with toys and weird evil creatures
  • that it could be perceived as grown adults playing with toy soldiers
If you have a spouse or significant other that embraces you despite all this - do not take him/her for granted. They must truly be a divine individual and one to hold on to. I have been married for over 13 years. My wife in general does not want to hear about the hobby, and is not short on jokes about the words that come out of my mouth when discussing it with someone else. She does however tolerate and accept it, and for that (amongst many other reasons) she is awesome.

I hope you have that too for yourself. Have a great holiday!

Are you guilty of these wargaming spousal crimes? Let me know how these seven things work in your home.


  1. A very good point! I am guilty of more than one of those at any given point in time, and my fantastic wife still puts up with me :-) Now I have my own corner of the garage to hobby in, though I still bring projects into the house :-)

    1. Absolutely. I am very lucky to have my wife. I know I am not alone in our hobby!