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Sunday, December 4, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-06 - Flying +++

Deathwatch RPG 101-06 - Flying

Flying, hovering, and different altitudes in the Deathwatch RPG


There are three different altitudes within Deathwatch - these are hovering, low altitude and high altitude.

Flying creatures can change altitude by one each turn. Flying creatures must devote actions to movement each turn - or they will crash to the ground - and likely look worse than our Fighta-Bommerz to the left.

Hovering Altitude

These creatures are hovering just above the ground and can be attacked and shot as normal. Some hovering creatures cannot fly.

Low Altitude

Low altitude flyers fly beyond the range of melee attacks. They can still shoot targets on the ground at this altitude.

Attacks from the ground take a penalty when firing at the flyers. This does not seem too different than what occurs when playing 40k with flying creatures.

High Altitude

At this altitude, flyers can only attack other flyers at high altitude. They are too far above the battlefield to affect it with shooting. This situation does not occur (yet) in 40k.

Next lesson - Gravity!

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