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Saturday, December 3, 2016

+++ Completed with Painting Guide - Eldrad Ulthran +++

Painting Eldrad Ulthran

A photo box is on my 'to do' list.
The painting guide linked below allowed me to paint the final product rather easily. I veered off of the guide in a few places in which I will detail about below.

Despite all of the detail, this was a relatively quick paint at 2-3 hours because of all the black paint.


As always, Duncan did a fantastic job with his tutorial. His guide was to the point and achievable.

Spirit Stones:

I decided to deviate from his plans by using multiple colors for the spirit stones rather than just red or blue. I feel that this offered more flavor to the model.

I used Spiritstone Red and Soulstone Blue to accomplish this.

Eldar Glyphs:

The glyphs on Eldrad's cloak offered a unique challenge to me. I attempted to freehand these several times. This was unsuccessful. =( I adjusted by using a micron pen (black - size .005).

This allowed me to draw the glyphs much more accurately to a point that I am proud of find acceptable.

The painting guide is linked below.

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