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Sunday, December 4, 2016

+++ Alternative Rules - Flying in 40k +++

Alternative Rules - Flying in 40k

I wanted to look at the rules for flight in Warhammer 40k compared to the flight rules within the Deathwatch RPG and look for improvements and similarities. I recently did a post here about flying in the Deathwatch RPG. 


We should be using the Death from the Skies supplement for 40k, as it simulates the high altitude interactions of aircraft above the battlefield. We should also limit all firing from surface to air to weapons of 24" or greater range.

Evidence and Reasoning:

As a recap - in Deathwatch you have three flying altitudes - hovering, low altitude, and high altitude. I see no changes needed to hovering, as they are comparable between the systems.

I still need to pick this up.
High Altitude

I believe this is comparable to returning to reserves. If using the Death from the Skies supplement, this simulates the high altitude action between the aircraft when not on the board. I think this is offers good continuity between the systems. Only change - use Death from the Skies supplement in 40k.

Low Altitude

This is where I see some changes. I have read up a little on strafing runs and ground attack aircraft, and I see some consistency at about 90-100 meters above the ground for ground attacks (though this altitude varies based off of type of ground attack and varies throughout the process of the attack). All of this is at a lower velocity than at high altitude and is at significant risk to the pilot from ground fire. There is not as much risk to aircraft from some armies at this point in time.

Currently, they are able to jink and are hit on a 6+. I believe that jink should stay in the picture. In Deathwatch RPG, there is a penalty to hit as well as any range modifiers. In 40k, just how many inches is 90-100 meters anyway? Should a pistol be able to fire at a flying plane? Or a singing spear? I am not sure.

Range Conversion - in Deathwatch, a bolter has a range of 100m. In 40k, they have a range of 24". 90m above the ground is about 22" (using proportions). I think we can just keep that at 24" above the ground to make it a number that we are used to using in 40k. Change - low altitude flyers are flying at least 24" above the table. This will affect the range of some projectiles shooting at it.
Shooting penalty - in Deathwatch, there is a penalty for shooting at flying objects. This is not a huge penalty, but is affected by range. If we assume that most of the time, we will be shooting at long range - because of distance from flyer by both a length and height format, we would be calculating distance using trigonometry, and that is not realistic. No changes to the '6' to hit flying objects.

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