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Sunday, December 4, 2016

+++ Alternative Rules - Blast Templates and Multi-Level Buildings +++

Alternative Rules
Blast Templates and Multi-Level Buildings

The new FAQ that has blasts affects all levels of a building is overpowered, but does solve some of the issues within the game. 

1. Small blast templates should affect a desired level on a building. 
2. Large blast templates should affect two adjacent levels on a building. 
3. Anything larger than a large blast (massive, apocalyptic) should affect all levels on a building.
4. Barrages should affect all models that the template is positioned over not physically covered by other levels.

Evidence and Reasoning:

Small blasts - are not that large - to think that the explosion would be cylindrical and affect a three story building/ruin is too much.  If the blast template demonstrates the physical blast itself, when placed vertically, it should only be able to cover one floor.

Large blasts - slightly larger - easily able to cover two floors in when placed vertically.

Large(r) blasts - large enough to cover all floors on a ruin

Barrages - this was the tricky one. If these explosions are coming down from above, presumably as mortar rounds or as a more spread out set of projectiles, they cannot be limited to just one level. I adjusted the rules to represent cover from above blocking the projectiles.

What do you think of this adjustment?

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