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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

+++ 40k Blood Angels Drop Pod Painting Guide +++

A photo box is still on my to-do list...
This is not going to be a link to a video painting guide as I have done before. Here I will be listing the steps in which I have painted this drop pod.


I am painting this drop pod in steps, and I am not in a big rush (even though I have two more to complete afterwards...). I have been painting a door and a 'fin' a day. They are basecoated already with Mephiston Red. I would think that the final paint time total would be about two hours.


1. Basecoat outside of drop pod with Mephiston Red. I used the Mephiston Red spray for this step.

2. Basecoat inside of the drop pod with Leadbelcher. I layered Leadbelcher in different areas around the pod as shown. This included the engines, and inside of doors, along with one of the fins.

3. Basecoat the bottom of the pod black. This has worked well for me, as most of that area of the pod will have erosion and wear on it anyway.

4. I did a controlled wash of Agrax Earthshade around each crevasse on the red panels. I used Nuln Oil on all of the metal areas as a wash. This was less controlled. =)

5. I drybrushed and edged in Leadbelcher on the outer area of the pod. This was especially done in areas where the pod would hit the ground after it pops open.

6. I highlighted the pistons near the engine in Stormhost Silver. I also used this for some damage/highlighting along the bottom of the pod. This was very minor/light.

7. I drybrushed and edge highlighted with Mournfang Brown and then Steel Legion Drab along the areas that would hit the ground.

8. #7 was also done near the engine edges where the engine exhaust had an effect on the drop pod's hull. I used black paint to highlight the areas with the most scorch marks.

9. I touched up some areas and raised some of the areas of red with Mephiston Red.

10. I highlighted and drybrushed the same areas with Evil Sunz Scarlet, followed by Fire Dragon Bright.

11. I used some Typhus Corrosion technical paint around the engine and some exhaust ports.

12. I used the same highlights of red on the Deathwind Missile Launcher.

13. I painted some of the wires and buttons in the inner workings in layers of reds and lighter greens.

14. I painted the Blood Angels Wings with Ceramite White, and washed very lightly with Agrax Earthshade. I followed up with a highlight of the white.

Wood Filler:

I decided to try using wood filler to simulate some caked dirt on the drop pod. This was Elmer's Wood Filler. I was happy with the result of it. It would be important to not go overboard here.

Thoughts and feelings:

I am still working on the drop pod, but overall I am happy with the end result. Can I move faster with the other two? I am not sure. What is nice, is that I can use this paint plan on almost any Blood Angels vehicle that I choose.

The Rakarth Flesh Fin:

I used this as a special marking for perhaps my command pod. Maybe I will do a squad marking for squads 1-6 as well when I finally finish them. This is Dante's pod.

Please comment - I always welcome tips and ideas, as well as questions. Have a great day.


  1. Looks great, I did a production line for four pods and in sub assemblies, haven't touched another Pod or wanted to since! Twenty of this, twenty of that, forty harnesses, etc

    1. Thanks for your comment. What chapter were you painting? I understand the repetitiveness of the factory line.

      Speaking of sub assemblies - I actually primed and painted the whole inside before even assembling and priming the fins. I thought it was a little crazy, but worked out well.

      Have a great day.