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Saturday, November 26, 2016

+++ Wrath of Magnus - Developers and Warhammer Live +++

Wrath of Magnus - Developers

I really like how Games Workshop is getting more into the digital age and showcasing their products through YouTube and other media. This new Wrath of Magnus preview is well done and gets me extremely invested and excited with this upcoming release. The last thing I need to do is start another army!

Previously, it seems that releases like these were left up to 3rd parties and reviewers on YouTube. We see with this video that the creators themselves are best suited to this task. They do not go into the detail for formations and units like you may see on other sites' 'unboxings', though this is OK by me. What you do get is a lot more of the lore and flavor of the book, which is the focus of these developers and that really shines through in the video.

Warhammer Live

This is really exciting, and shows that jump into social media that was not present previously. I cannot wait to watch this on the 14th of December. People have spoken of a Golden Age of Games Workshop - I feel like we are entering another one!

What did you think of the Wrath of Magnus? AND... Will you tune in on the 14th?

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