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Saturday, November 12, 2016

+++ Top 5 Paints? +++

If only owning that few were possible. I like using wooden craft trays from
AC Moore with labels atop the paints for easier finding. I use a sharpie to
mark the labels.
Painting is one of my favorite parts of this hobby. I enjoyed thinking about this question when posted on BOLS earlier this week.

What are your top 5 paints?

  1. Agrax Earthshade - shades would definitely make the list for me here. I use Agrax on almost every model and have been through multiple pots.
  2. Nuln Oil - as above, I have used multiple pots, and Nuln or Agrax is my second step on every model.
  3. Leadbelcher - the base of every metal. There is a lot of metal in the grimdark future.
  4. Khorne Red - there was a debate between this and Mephiston Red. I ultimately use this more than Mephiston. This would be my top colored paint - maybe because I spend too much time painting Chaos!
  5. Rakarth Flesh - there are a lot of skulls in the future. Useful for all bone and nid alike!
There are my top 5. There was some overlap with the original post. I expected that. Who wouldn't put Agrax or Nuln?

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