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Sunday, November 13, 2016

+++ Potentia - A Black Library eShort Review +++

I would like to paint up this Acolyte.

Potentia: An Inquisition Story

Mike Mason


Black Library Link

From the source:

An Inquisition short story

When a murderous cultist inexplicably turns himself in to the Inquisition, his acolyte-interrogator seeks to learn the reason for the surrender.

It's an unpredictable tale of darkness and deceit with a shocking twist.

+++ REVIEW +++

I enjoyed the story, though it was very short (14 pages of story on mobile phone), even by eShort standards. I originally bought because of the interesting name and the cool acolyte image on the front. I have a model that is begging for this scheme. Overall, I would say this eShort was a little on the pricey side for $5, mainly because of it's size.


I am always looking for modelling opportunities from the characters created from the Black Library. Unfortunately, this story does not give me that character to achieve this with. Perhaps only a painting opportunity for the acolyte.

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