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Saturday, November 19, 2016

40k - A Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Painting Guide

Bloodletters Painting Guide

Lesser Daemons of Khorne

Khorne's Chosen, the Horned Ones, the Takers of Skulls

I found that this painting guide found a great balance of time and quality. It is not just a coat of Khorne Red with a wash and some black as I have sometimes seen for Bloodletters (which consequently doesn't look too bad for what you get).

Time required and difficulty:

I took about 1-2 hours to paint the Bloodletters needed for this project. These are used as wound markers for my Bloodthirster. I plan on having squads of 8 to support the Bloodthirster in the future.

They were not too difficult to complete, and were pretty forgiving of errors.

Link to painting guide:

Here. Enjoy. I will post future Bloodletter painting guides as a comparison.

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