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Friday, November 4, 2016

+++ Homebrew and Fluff Rules - The Slaughterpriest in 40K +++

What do you think of these rules? This should be a fun addition to a Khorne focused army, and gives more flavor to them as a character with some neat options to use during the psychic phase, where there is normally not much to do. I'm thinking with more fluff rules, I may rename the psychic phase as a 'Hero Phase' as it is in AOS.

SLAUGHTERPRIEST with Hackblade and Wrath-Hammer OR Bloodbathed Axe

                             WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
Slaughterpriest       4      4   4  4    3   4  3   8    5+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Points: 60 points


Hackblade: counts as melee weapon

Wrath-Hammer: the Slaughterpriest gains an additional D3 attacks in the assault phase for a second weapon rather than the additional one attack for having an additional hand weapon. Otherwise, has a standard melee weapon profile.

Bloodbathed Axe: this axe gives +1 to strength and has the instant death characteristic on a to-wound roll of 6.

Special Rules:

Scorn of Sorcery: Adamantium will

Bloodfuelled Prayers: During the psychic phase, a Slaughterpriest can pray to Khorne for aid. Pick one of the following prayers, then roll a dice, adding 1 to the result if the Slaughterpriest slew any enemy models in the previous turn. If the result is 4 or higher, the prayer is answered, and its effect takes place. If the result is 1, the Slaughterpriest's supplication is seen as unworthy of a follower of the Blood God, and he suffers D3 wounds with no armor or cover saves allowed.

Blood Boil: Pick an enemy unit within 16". That unit suffers D6 wounds with no armor or cover saves allowed. Its warriors screeching in agony as superheated blood jets from their bodies.

Blood Bind: The Slaughterpriest fires the blood in his targets' veins, urging them to succumb to bloodlust. Pick an enemy unit that is within 16" and not within 3" of any of your units. All models in the unit must run as far as possible towards your nearest unit, as if it were their movement phase.

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