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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Improve Your Hobby with the Citadel Mold Line Remover

Improve Your Hobby with the Citadel Mold Line Remover

Review and Tutorial

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This product is excellent, and I just started using one a few weeks ago. Prior to this I only really used a file to work my miniatures.

Below are some steps that I use in combination with a file to take care of mold lines and spaces between pieces. I will use photo box soon for images. Bear with me for now.

This is simple and to the point. Please let me know if you have any questions.
This is a part of a Harlequin that I am currently working on from Death Masque.
Notice the shoulder pads and how there is a space between the front and back.
I have already taken care of the mold lines on the model by scraping them away at an angle.

The first step is where I scrape the area at an angle where the pieces do not meet.
This will mostly fill in the hole.

I then file away the area lightly to further fill in the hole.

At this point The space is clearly filled in and ready to have some glue placed over it.
I could also just prime the model at this point.

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