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Sunday, November 27, 2016

+++ Hobby Reads - Worth Bookmarking 11/20-11/26 +++

Hobby Reads - Worth Bookmarking 11/20-11/26

Modern Synthesist - Sector Imperialis Easy Urban Basing Tutorial

This site does not update often, but I will add it to the feed reader. When I finally get this set (for my Genestealer Cult basing), I will use this tutorial as a starting point for my basing. More after the jump. - Dark Age Scrounger Outpost has some great terrain, though it is more centered towards Infinity. The terrain above I think would  be good for 40K, though it is mainly for Dark Age.
Sproket's Small World - Ironjaws Megaboss

I have just bookmarked this blog and will be going through the back catalog of posts. Some good painting links here and tutorials.

Tale of Painters - Dark Reapers of Iybraesil

A painting tip here for the armor of Dark Reapers. I might also use this for Deathwatch.

heresy of us

An amazing site for conversions, with a tilt towards Nurgle and the Inquisition. This is a step above what I am capable of at this point, but one can read and be amazed.
Tale of Painters - Tutorials: How to Paint Space Marines

There is a gathering place of links here to painting tutorials of several chapters of space marines. Great resource here, as Tale of Painters offers achievable tutorials for a novice/intermediate painter.

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  1. Good picks on all of these! A couple of new blogs for me to check out as well so thanks!