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Sunday, November 13, 2016

+++ Hobby Add-ons - White Dwarf November 2016 Pt. 1 +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++
When I buy White Dwarf magazines, I usually go through each page over the course of a week and stick mini Post-It Notes over each 'idea' that I like or would like to do something with.

On my side of things, I need find a way to organize the information so that I can convert the great ideas/painting guides/models/releases into something that I can process. This is the start of that. This is not a review.

Essential Question:

What can I take out of November 2016's White Dwarf Magazine?

So these are the bits that I am taking out of November's White Dwarf magazine to add to my hobby portfolio. I will not be taking or scanning pictures of individual pages, as I feel that will probably break some type of copyright. If I can find the pictures from a valid GW source (like Golden Demon), I will post them.

I really like this piece, as it showed the use of industrial scenery as part of a Genestealer Magus. I will try this idea out when I put mine together, possibly today.

I suppose that I could use some foam, copper tubing, and a craft knife to achieve this affect. I will either go this route and try to recreate this background OR I will just use some cut up scenery from Necromunda that I have lying around.

I think this guy helped me click with the idea that a non-industrial base would be silly for the cults.

I don't know much about Ulrik the Slayer, but I now know that I want to paint one. What great colors within. Maybe this will be an off-week painting purchase.

There also was a great base for Kaptin Badrukk and a great gold color scheme for a Trueborn of Commorragh that would be a great leader for my Dark Eldar Kill Team. If and when I try to recreate these ideas, I will post them.

Painting Schemes

I saw a neat color scheme for blue skin tones for Nurgle. At the very least this could be used for some blue monster skin:
  • Basecoat: The Fang
  • Wash: Drakenhof Nightshade on softer regions
  • Layer: Fenrisian Grey on softer regions
  • Wash: Nuln Oil on harder skin
  • Highlight: Hoeth Blue on whole model
Painting on a Mutalith Vortex Beast's icon of Chaos:
  • Basecoat: Corax White
  • Wash: Cassandora Yellow mixed with Fuegan Orange
  • Highlight: Dorn Yellow

In the next post for the November White Dwarf, I will talk about Street Gangs of Commorragh, Mandrakes with Instant Death rule? Also, a Dark Eldar poison nerf, modelling Blood Ravens, a roll-off AOS style modification to 40k, basing your models, and who is Castellan Crowe?

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