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Sunday, November 13, 2016

+++ The Fissue - A Black Library eShort Review +++

The Fissure: An Iron Snakes story

Nik Vincent


Black Library Link

From the source:

An Iron Snakes short story
An ancient horror of the warp bleeding into the real world attracts the attention of the Iron Snakes, determined to seal the fissure and save a city.
It's a creepy and dark short story featuring the Iron Snakes, a unique Space Marine Chapter, telling a mythic tale that only they could be involved in. And watch out for the links to Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts story 'A Ghost Return'!
+++ REVIEW +++
I really liked this one. I bought it originally because of an introduction to the Iron Snakes chapter of Adeptus Astartes. I was drawn in by their lore, and immediately set off on plans likely never completed of a squad of Iron Snakes with harpoons, Corvus helmets, and Greek shields. The story gave me something more doable.
Worth the $5. 40 pages on my mobile phone. Great imagery in the descriptions of the foe and warp phenomenon. While impossible to develop a lot of character in the Iron Snakes in such a short amount of pages, I gained insight into this chapter which was beforehand unknown to me. Good story.
I will be making a squad of three Iron Snakes - an Apothecary with a lascannon/bolter (neat), a veteran with a meltagun and bolter/pistol, and a veteran with a power sword and bolter. I always love when a story allows me to create models from it. For me, this helps make this eShort great.

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