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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-05 - Lighting +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++

Just as shown in the image above, there may be many situations on Deathwatch missions where darkness plays a role. There are rules to handle different levels of light in the game.

These three light levels are as follows:

  • Daylight/Bright Light
  • Shadow/Twilight/Fog
  • Darkness


Characters move through darkness at half speed. They may take a hard perception test to move faster, or they drift in a random direction. I'm thinking about how I can incorporate this into 40k with night fighting -> dawn/twilight -> daytime.


Weapon Skill tests in the darkness are hard. Ballistic Skill tests in the darkness are very hard. They take a (-20) and (-30) test respectively. Characters can conceal themselves in darkness as a routine (+20) check. In 40k, what about a -2 WS in combat during night fighting and a -3 BS shooting during the night. All of a sudden, searchlights and night vision become very worthwhile additions. I am having trouble finding more information about concealment in the rulebook. There is nothing in the index about it. I will search more later.

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