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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-04 - Movement Revisited and Carrying, Lifting, and Pushing Objects +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++

I wanted to revisit the distance issue and question that I presented in my last movement post for the Deathwatch RPG by setting a standard unit of measurement from here on out to represent the RPG on the tabletop.

I also will talk about the mechanics of carrying, lifting, and pushing objects.

+++ MOVEMENT - PART 2 +++

From before:

"In 40k first edition, we measured the inch as a representation of 2 yards or about 2 meters. That would give most characters a 4" move and 6" charge with an average agility bonus of 4. While this does not bother me, as a round represents a very short amount of time. This would give a standard bolter a range of 50" however, which would cover most table distances and not add to the strategy. A pistol would have a range of 15". Is this OK? Most weapons would always be in range. I suppose this is OK for me at this point. Consistency is really important for me here between the worlds - so some outside thoughts here would be really helpful to me."

So, while I like the distance moved for charges here, on the battlefield, having 50" range bolters is just not a good fit. Heavy weapons would have near infinite range on a 4' table, and would be in range of lighter weapons very easily.

What I decided to do is to represent every 4 meters in game as 1" on the table. I will round the range of each weapon to the nearest 4" on the table here to keep some consistency. I will adapt these weapons to the tabletop in future posts. What are your thoughts on this? I really want to connect the RPG world to the games on the tabletop.


Not really much to talk about here. You can do these things in similar ways to other RPGs and much of the time you do not need to worry about them.

Next topic - lighting!

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