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Saturday, November 12, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-03 - Movement +++

A Deathwatch Keeper at Fortress Erioch.
This is the opposite of movement.
+++ OVERVIEW +++

Movement in the Deathwatch FFG RPG, just like other RPGs, will only be used some of the time. I can see using it during timed missions and battles when checking for range, but not much else.

I may rant a little in this one about Space Marines and swimming.

+++ MOVEMENT +++

Each character has a movement chart on their character sheet that is affected by their agility bonus. This will be used during combat rounds to track movement. There are charts for narrative movement, but I see these used rarely.

There are adjustments to movement for terrain, hurrying and other factors. I will just focus on combat.

In 40k we measure by inches. I see this as the best way to represent movement in Deathwatch as well, on a tabletop surface that you are playing on with miniatures representing combatants. The big question here, and this will affect fluff rules in 40k I enjoy working with -- how many meters (or metres if you will) is one inch?


In 40k first edition, we measured the inch as a representation of 2 yards or about 2 meters. That would give most characters a 4" move and 6" charge with an average agility bonus of 4. While this does not bother me, as a round represents a very short amount of time. This would give a standard bolter a range of 50" however, which would cover most table distances and not add to the strategy. A pistol would have a range of 15". Is this OK? Most weapons would always be in range. I suppose this is OK for me at this point. Consistency is really important for me here between the worlds - so some outside thoughts here would be really helpful to me.


Running, hurrying, and forced marching are all options for movement in the narrative. I can see these being used on occasion and they rely on a toughness test and add fatigue if failed. Fatigue is something we will get into at a later post.


Walk. Don't Swim.
There are rules that are similar to other RPGs for these movements. Let's talk about swimming for a second.

When I first read this section in the rule book, I instantly felt that it was ridiculous. I moreso pictured the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and the pirates walking on the bottom of the sea rather than swimming. When wearing armor, swimming tests are at a Very Hard (-30) modifier.

That about wraps up movement. On to carrying, lifting, pushing, and throwing objects next time.

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