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Friday, November 4, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-02 - Fate Points +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++
For my second post about the Deathwatch RPG, I am going to go over the role of fate within this game system. Fate points represent the larger than life nature of space marines to affect the balance of good and evil in the name of the Emperor.

Here is our ultimate breakdown of today's post:

  • Each character gains a number of fate points when created.
  • These fate points represent a pool to be used for each gaming session, and refill at the end of each gaming session.
  • Battle-Brothers can use fate points in many ways where the GM deems appropriate.
  • Spending fate points is a free action.
  • Battle-Brothers may regain fate points throughout the campaign.

Battle-Brothers have a pool of fate points that they may draw from. They may gain fate points during the campaign.

Spending fate points allow a Space Marine to do many things. Here are some examples:
  • Re-roll a failed test.
  • Gain a +10 bonus on a test.
  • Add an extra degree of success on a test.
  • Count as having a 10 for initiative.
  • Instantly heal d10 damage.
  • Instantly recover from being stunned.
  • Enter squad mode without a cohesion test.
  • Gain a +1 bonus to your rank for solo mode.
  • Remove a level of fatigue.
A character may choose to permanently reduce his maximum fate points by one to save his life. This can save a hero from a killing blow and render him unconscious instead. This ability is up to the GM's discretion. Used fate points can be burnt.

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