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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Roiling Vortex of Magic: Balewind Vortex Painting Guide

Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex Painting Guide

Time Required and Difficulty:

This project took me two days from purchase to completion. That is pretty good in my book. This model took approximately 2 hours to paint.

Link to Product:

Prime the base and platform in black, and the vortex/whirlwind itself white. I made the mistake of priming the vortex as black at first, and had to respray.

My plan was to paint the vortex using the paints suggested on the back of the box - I've never done that before, and there were only 12 listed. All of which I could secure.

Way too bright for the green - had to wash twice with Nuln Oil.
I started with basecoats: Sotek Green for the stone, Leadbelcher for the metal (but not on the runes on the skeletons heads), and Ceramite White on the vortex.

My second step was to wash/glaze the model. This was not called for on the stone, but I was not happy with how bright the stone was. I washed the green stone twice with Nuln Oil. I washed the metal with Drakenhof Nightshade. I then glazed the vortex with Waywatcher Green.

An alternative idea instead of washing the stone would be to initially do a heavy drybrush with Sotek Green over the black without a basecoat. I might try that for my second one.

It takes a while for the washes to dry. After the Waywatcher dried. I then washed over the recesses with Biel-tan Green. I got a little too heavy here, and some feathering would be beneficial here in some areas where the wash pooled and spread out too far. Stick to the inner creases. I did not do the best job here.

My third step was to drybrush Praxeti White over the vortex - it was pretty heavy. I followed this up with a drybrush of Skink Blue over the stone.

Almost complete here.
I followed up with a layer of Ironbreaker over the metal. The last part was a quick highlight of Stormhost Silver over the metal.

This wraps up the model!

Gluing the model together:

Be careful here. Balance the stand so that it is even with the ground. I would have to add something to the bottom of the vortex to make this work. Be careful with this part!

That's it. Good luck with the model. Comments appreciated.

Final product. Pretty happy with this.

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