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Saturday, November 12, 2016

+++ 40k Khorne Daemonkin HQ Skulltaker Painting Guide +++

Skulltaker from Warhammer Invasion

+++ OVERVIEW +++

This will be the first of an organized list of painting guides by Codex and FOC. For any painting guides that I post, I will post pictures of the results of the guide if I have used it.

This guide was one of the very first that I have used when I got a little more serious with painting miniatures. It was hard work, but very doable for a novice painter.


This guide worked extremely well to produce a tabletop quality model at an appropriate amount of time.

+++ RESULTS +++

I thought the sword and inner cape turned out particularly nice.

I added a layer of Ardcoat to his tongue for a wet effect.

Today, I may have tried to add more contrast with the skulls.
I am still pleased with how he looks however, a darkened, sooty look.

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