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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

+++ 40k Final FAQ Released - Thoughts +++

40k Rulebook Final FAQ Released - My Thoughts

They were my primary concern here.
The final FAQ was released, so we do not have to keep saying - "the new FAQ says this, but until then, I can do this."

I will go through the rules where it would affect my gameplay here and add thoughts if necessary. 

Here is the link to the FAQ themselves:

Some rules of note from the website - the big one first!

Q: Are passengers in Jinking Transports forced to fire Snap Shots?A: No.


Q: Warhammer 40,000: The Rules states that line of sight can be drawn from any part of the model (not including wings, tail, etc.) to the intended target. Can my model’s foot truly be used as a line of sight starting point?A: For simplicity and ease of play, the rules state that ‘For one model to have line of sight to another, you must be able to trace a straight, unblocked line from its body (the head, torso, arms or legs) to any part of the target’s body.’ If you wish, you and your opponent may agree that models are only allowed to draw line of sight from the model’s head, or the closest equivalent on the model.


Q: If a unit includes multiple Psykers – e,g, Independent Characters, or Brotherhood of Psykers – can they cast the same power (e.g. Psychic Shriek) multiple times, once for each Psyker?A: No.


Q: Are models in a unit that destroyed a Walker in close combat allowed to Consolidate?A: No.


Q: Does Move Through Cover allow units to strike at their normal Initiative?A: No.


Q: Do blast weapons, regardless of size or type, now hit all models at all height levels under the template? And if so, is intervening terrain (such as bridges or floors) ignored when determining how many hits are caused?A: A blast marker or template affects all models underneath it, including those on different levels of a piece of scenery. (Designer’s Note: Earlier versions of this rule restricted the effect of blast markers and templates to models on ‘a single level’ of scenery. This created problems with scenery that didn’t have strictly definable ‘levels’ and we decided on this change for simplicity. In addition, we feel the rules now better reflect the explosions being three-dimensional (i.e. spherical and not circular) as well as better representing the deadliness of weapons such a flamers when used in confined spaces.)


Q: Does a wound negated by Feel No Pain count as saved or unsaved for the purposes of wargear that has an effect if a unit suffers an unsaved wound?A: It counts as saved, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Q: If I have two different Independent Character Psykers in the same unit, can both of them attempt to cast the same power in the same Psychic phase?A: No.


Q: Using grenades in the Assault phase. Can every model replace their close combat attacks with a single grenade attack or just one model in the unit? Like in the Shooting phase e.g. a unit of 5 Tau Pathfinders charge a Knight. Do 5 Pathfinders make close combat haywire grenade attacks?A: Only one model from the unit can attack with a grenade in the Assault phase. Per Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, ‘Only one grenade (of any type) can be thrown by a unit per phase’.


Any of these game breaking for you? Thank goodness for the jinking transports rule. That would have broken the Dark Eldar!

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