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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters Painting Guide

I have been using Canva for some of my blog headers.

I am building off of my post from yesterday with some painting notes from Angron. I was excited about completing this model, and was able to finish him tonight.


I bought Angron about two years ago and started painting him about a year ago. I started with this guide. I did not finish unfortunately. Tale of Painters just had a blog post about a completed Angron. I really liked the emotion captured by Angron in Banzai1000's paint job. I decided to pull Angron off the shelf to complete. I was pretty happy with how he turned out.

Image Inspiration:

Let's get to the paint job - after the break:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

+++ Azhek Ahriman Complete and Angron WIP +++

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

 I bought this model a few years ago, and had not finished either the assembly OR the painting of the model. Frustrating to jump in after not completing the model for over a year.

Today's focus was the base, the silver, and the red leather. BTW - these were two models on my quiz posted two days ago.

Here is how I painted:

Sunday, December 25, 2016

+++ Holiday WIP Quiz - Can you guess the models? +++

Can you guess my holiday's WIP?

Answer in the comments section below. If I can complete these during the holiday, I will be golden. Any guesses?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

+++ Thank your significant other this holiday season +++

Thank your Significant Other This Holiday Season

I am in the middle of researching and reading through the old Citadel Journals for myself and a future blog article, and I came across this blog post from 2012. The article is from the Realm of Chaos 80s blog, which gives me access to some very old Citadel articles and other ideas in the Oldhammer universe.

The name of the blog article is Leadhead Widows: The Woes of a Wargamer's Wife. It made me think of how my hobby affects my family and home, and to not take these things for granted.

In this write-up, the writer lists out the wargaming crimes that we commit against our wargaming spouse. Which are you guilty of?

Friday, December 23, 2016

+++ Harlequin Solitaire Complete +++

My Harlequin Solitaire is Complete!

I will post a painting list for the model later today.

What do you think? I am trying something whimsical with the dice and my Harlequins.

A new friend - a .005 black Micron pen was used to help with cross sections.

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

+++ Great Read: Cadi-A-OK +++



This is a great read this week from Games Workshop's The Regimental Standard. Articles like this are such a great supplement to the awesome news we heard this week about the Fall of Cadia. The Regimental Standard makes for a great weekly read.

Link below:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

+++ 40k Blood Angels Drop Pod Painting Guide +++

A photo box is still on my to-do list...
This is not going to be a link to a video painting guide as I have done before. Here I will be listing the steps in which I have painted this drop pod.


I am painting this drop pod in steps, and I am not in a big rush (even though I have two more to complete afterwards...). I have been painting a door and a 'fin' a day. They are basecoated already with Mephiston Red. I would think that the final paint time total would be about two hours.


1. Basecoat outside of drop pod with Mephiston Red. I used the Mephiston Red spray for this step.

2. Basecoat inside of the drop pod with Leadbelcher. I layered Leadbelcher in different areas around the pod as shown. This included the engines, and inside of doors, along with one of the fins.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

+++ Alternative Rules - Blast Templates and Multi-Level Buildings +++

Alternative Rules
Blast Templates and Multi-Level Buildings

The new FAQ that has blasts affects all levels of a building is overpowered, but does solve some of the issues within the game. 

1. Small blast templates should affect a desired level on a building. 
2. Large blast templates should affect two adjacent levels on a building. 
3. Anything larger than a large blast (massive, apocalyptic) should affect all levels on a building.
4. Barrages should affect all models that the template is positioned over not physically covered by other levels.

Evidence and Reasoning:

+++ Alternative Rules - Flying in 40k +++

Alternative Rules - Flying in 40k

I wanted to look at the rules for flight in Warhammer 40k compared to the flight rules within the Deathwatch RPG and look for improvements and similarities. I recently did a post here about flying in the Deathwatch RPG. 


We should be using the Death from the Skies supplement for 40k, as it simulates the high altitude interactions of aircraft above the battlefield. We should also limit all firing from surface to air to weapons of 24" or greater range.

Evidence and Reasoning:

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-06 - Flying +++

Deathwatch RPG 101-06 - Flying

Flying, hovering, and different altitudes in the Deathwatch RPG


There are three different altitudes within Deathwatch - these are hovering, low altitude and high altitude.

Flying creatures can change altitude by one each turn. Flying creatures must devote actions to movement each turn - or they will crash to the ground - and likely look worse than our Fighta-Bommerz to the left.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

+++ Completed with Painting Guide - Eldrad Ulthran +++

Painting Eldrad Ulthran

A photo box is on my 'to do' list.
The painting guide linked below allowed me to paint the final product rather easily. I veered off of the guide in a few places in which I will detail about below.

Despite all of the detail, this was a relatively quick paint at 2-3 hours because of all the black paint.


As always, Duncan did a fantastic job with his tutorial. His guide was to the point and achievable.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

+++ His Angels - Warhammer 40k Cinematic +++

His Angels

Entertaining video here. This is how I want to see the Tau, as low leadership soft fish-men - not optimized hunter cadre gun lines. I like how it shows the superhuman aspect of space marines, and looks like it was done with original Dawn of War renders.

That's what you get for picking on the small guys.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

+++ Hobby Reads - Worth Bookmarking 11/20-11/26 +++

Hobby Reads - Worth Bookmarking 11/20-11/26

Modern Synthesist - Sector Imperialis Easy Urban Basing Tutorial

This site does not update often, but I will add it to the feed reader. When I finally get this set (for my Genestealer Cult basing), I will use this tutorial as a starting point for my basing. More after the jump.

+++ WIP Blood Angels Stormraven 1 +++

This is the first of my 'clear my work table' series. I have about 20 mini-projects going on right now, and need to clear them out. I will take care of whichever pieces that are in front of me, one by one!

These are from my Blood Angels Stormraven. I did not glue the canopy, so I could paint the techmarine underneath later. Child damage destroyed the one assault cannon.

I like the scheme, which centered around a mephiston red base, agrax earthshade wash in creases, followed by an edge highlight of evil sunz scarlet and finally an edge highlight of fire dragon bright.

I was torn on the corrosion use on the gun. I am not convinced that I will keep it.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

+++ Wrath of Magnus Storyline Spoilers +++

Wrath of Magnus - Storyline Spoiler 

The clock just ticked one step closer to midnight! Read what supposedly happens at the end of the Wrath of Magnus book.

Link here.

Source: War of Sigmar.

Now what do you think of that?!

+++ Battle Brothers - winters SEO +++

This is the first of my 'Battle Brothers' articles. Battle Brothers are allies of the hobby and help make this wargaming hobby better with the time they give to us.

I watch a lot of battle reports. They range in how engaging they are, and vary in presentation style. In these past few years, there has been one YouTube channel that has the characteristics that I find most desirable.

Winters SEO channel has a lot going for it. There are consistent battle reports - about one a week. Winters also has tactics articles and some guides about terrain. The best part about his channel is the story line that he weaves into his battle reports. I enjoy following the trials of the 13th, the Penitent Forge, and occasionally the Dark Eldar.

Check out his channel, you will not be disappointed. I have linked a video below of his latest battle report, it was enjoyable.

+++ Wrath of Magnus - Developers and Warhammer Live +++

Wrath of Magnus - Developers

I really like how Games Workshop is getting more into the digital age and showcasing their products through YouTube and other media. This new Wrath of Magnus preview is well done and gets me extremely invested and excited with this upcoming release. The last thing I need to do is start another army!

Previously, it seems that releases like these were left up to 3rd parties and reviewers on YouTube. We see with this video that the creators themselves are best suited to this task. They do not go into the detail for formations and units like you may see on other sites' 'unboxings', though this is OK by me. What you do get is a lot more of the lore and flavor of the book, which is the focus of these developers and that really shines through in the video.

Warhammer Live

This is really exciting, and shows that jump into social media that was not present previously. I cannot wait to watch this on the 14th of December. People have spoken of a Golden Age of Games Workshop - I feel like we are entering another one!

What did you think of the Wrath of Magnus? AND... Will you tune in on the 14th?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

+++ 40k Final FAQ Released - Thoughts +++

40k Rulebook Final FAQ Released - My Thoughts

They were my primary concern here.
The final FAQ was released, so we do not have to keep saying - "the new FAQ says this, but until then, I can do this."

I will go through the rules where it would affect my gameplay here and add thoughts if necessary. 

Here is the link to the FAQ themselves:

Some rules of note from the website - the big one first!

Q: Are passengers in Jinking Transports forced to fire Snap Shots?A: No.


Q: Warhammer 40,000: The Rules states that line of sight can be drawn from any part of the model (not including wings, tail, etc.) to the intended target. Can my model’s foot truly be used as a line of sight starting point?A: For simplicity and ease of play, the rules state that ‘For one model to have line of sight to another, you must be able to trace a straight, unblocked line from its body (the head, torso, arms or legs) to any part of the target’s body.’ If you wish, you and your opponent may agree that models are only allowed to draw line of sight from the model’s head, or the closest equivalent on the model.


Q: If a unit includes multiple Psykers – e,g, Independent Characters, or Brotherhood of Psykers – can they cast the same power (e.g. Psychic Shriek) multiple times, once for each Psyker?A: No.


Q: Are models in a unit that destroyed a Walker in close combat allowed to Consolidate?A: No.


Q: Does Move Through Cover allow units to strike at their normal Initiative?A: No.


Q: Do blast weapons, regardless of size or type, now hit all models at all height levels under the template? And if so, is intervening terrain (such as bridges or floors) ignored when determining how many hits are caused?A: A blast marker or template affects all models underneath it, including those on different levels of a piece of scenery. (Designer’s Note: Earlier versions of this rule restricted the effect of blast markers and templates to models on ‘a single level’ of scenery. This created problems with scenery that didn’t have strictly definable ‘levels’ and we decided on this change for simplicity. In addition, we feel the rules now better reflect the explosions being three-dimensional (i.e. spherical and not circular) as well as better representing the deadliness of weapons such a flamers when used in confined spaces.)


Q: Does a wound negated by Feel No Pain count as saved or unsaved for the purposes of wargear that has an effect if a unit suffers an unsaved wound?A: It counts as saved, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Q: If I have two different Independent Character Psykers in the same unit, can both of them attempt to cast the same power in the same Psychic phase?A: No.


Q: Using grenades in the Assault phase. Can every model replace their close combat attacks with a single grenade attack or just one model in the unit? Like in the Shooting phase e.g. a unit of 5 Tau Pathfinders charge a Knight. Do 5 Pathfinders make close combat haywire grenade attacks?A: Only one model from the unit can attack with a grenade in the Assault phase. Per Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, ‘Only one grenade (of any type) can be thrown by a unit per phase’.


Any of these game breaking for you? Thank goodness for the jinking transports rule. That would have broken the Dark Eldar!

Improve Your Hobby with the Citadel Mold Line Remover

Improve Your Hobby with the Citadel Mold Line Remover

Review and Tutorial

Link to product

This product is excellent, and I just started using one a few weeks ago. Prior to this I only really used a file to work my miniatures.

Below are some steps that I use in combination with a file to take care of mold lines and spaces between pieces. I will use photo box soon for images. Bear with me for now.

This is simple and to the point. Please let me know if you have any questions.
This is a part of a Harlequin that I am currently working on from Death Masque.
Notice the shoulder pads and how there is a space between the front and back.
I have already taken care of the mold lines on the model by scraping them away at an angle.

The first step is where I scrape the area at an angle where the pieces do not meet.
This will mostly fill in the hole.

I then file away the area lightly to further fill in the hole.

At this point The space is clearly filled in and ready to have some glue placed over it.
I could also just prime the model at this point.

+++ A Big Question about Terminators +++

A Big Question

Should a terminator have an equal chance to be wounded by a laspistol as it would be from a battle cannon?

Roiling Vortex of Magic: Balewind Vortex Painting Guide

Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex Painting Guide

Time Required and Difficulty:

This project took me two days from purchase to completion. That is pretty good in my book. This model took approximately 2 hours to paint.

Link to Product:

Prime the base and platform in black, and the vortex/whirlwind itself white. I made the mistake of priming the vortex as black at first, and had to respray.

My plan was to paint the vortex using the paints suggested on the back of the box - I've never done that before, and there were only 12 listed. All of which I could secure.

Way too bright for the green - had to wash twice with Nuln Oil.
I started with basecoats: Sotek Green for the stone, Leadbelcher for the metal (but not on the runes on the skeletons heads), and Ceramite White on the vortex.

My second step was to wash/glaze the model. This was not called for on the stone, but I was not happy with how bright the stone was. I washed the green stone twice with Nuln Oil. I washed the metal with Drakenhof Nightshade. I then glazed the vortex with Waywatcher Green.

An alternative idea instead of washing the stone would be to initially do a heavy drybrush with Sotek Green over the black without a basecoat. I might try that for my second one.

It takes a while for the washes to dry. After the Waywatcher dried. I then washed over the recesses with Biel-tan Green. I got a little too heavy here, and some feathering would be beneficial here in some areas where the wash pooled and spread out too far. Stick to the inner creases. I did not do the best job here.

My third step was to drybrush Praxeti White over the vortex - it was pretty heavy. I followed this up with a drybrush of Skink Blue over the stone.

Almost complete here.
I followed up with a layer of Ironbreaker over the metal. The last part was a quick highlight of Stormhost Silver over the metal.

This wraps up the model!

Gluing the model together:

Be careful here. Balance the stand so that it is even with the ground. I would have to add something to the bottom of the vortex to make this work. Be careful with this part!

That's it. Good luck with the model. Comments appreciated.

Final product. Pretty happy with this.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

+++ 40k Khorne Daemonkin Kharn the Betrayer Painting Guide +++

Kharn the Betrayer Painting Guide


It was tough to find a painting guide for the new Kharn to use when the model came out. Thankfully we have the YouTube channel - Paint for the Glory.

I was able to use this guide after some modifications (I do not use an airbrush or Vallejo colors yet). I will post the modifications that I have used with this.

Time required and difficulty:

I do not believe this was a difficult painting task, and probably took 2-3 hours to complete. I am happy with the result, though it is brighter than I am used to. I do not generally prime in white.

A great part of this video was that not EVERY piece of the model was covered in the guide, so I was forced to improvise in areas, and that always is good to build confidence.

Link to painting guide:

Here. By Paint for the Glory. This is a good YouTube Channel to follow.

Paint substitutions:

Vallejo Elf Skintone -> used Bugman's glow and followed up with a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. I then highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone and Kislev Flesh.

Vallejo Cavalry Brown - used Mournfang Brown

Not clearly stated:

I washed his hair with Drakenhof Nightshade.

I painted the glowing eyes and lenses with Warpstone Glow with a wash and brightening of Moot Green and a glaze of Waywatcher Green for glow.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

40k - A Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Painting Guide

Bloodletters Painting Guide

Lesser Daemons of Khorne

Khorne's Chosen, the Horned Ones, the Takers of Skulls

I found that this painting guide found a great balance of time and quality. It is not just a coat of Khorne Red with a wash and some black as I have sometimes seen for Bloodletters (which consequently doesn't look too bad for what you get).

Time required and difficulty:

I took about 1-2 hours to paint the Bloodletters needed for this project. These are used as wound markers for my Bloodthirster. I plan on having squads of 8 to support the Bloodthirster in the future.

They were not too difficult to complete, and were pretty forgiving of errors.

Link to painting guide:

Here. Enjoy. I will post future Bloodletter painting guides as a comparison.

Horus Heresy: Blackshield Review - Will Khorak Triumph?

Chris Wraight

Black Library Link

From the source:

Raiding the fringes of the Imperium, Sergeant Khorak and his fellow renegade Death Guard are surprised to find some familiar faces opposing them, though with quite unfamiliar wargear…
This tale introduces a character from Forge World's Isstvan Campaign books into Black Library's Heresy works, and delves into some of the mysteries of the Blackshields.

+++ REVIEW +++

This story feels longer than it truly is, and for some reason did not hold my attention as other stories have. I am not sure if this is due to when I was reading it, because as I look back at the story, I find the content and the background to be very interesting. The idea of Space Marines post-Isstvan making the choice to leave the traitor legions and not be mindless followers of their primarch or of chaos adds depth to this demographic. This story also introduced me to the Blackshields. It is time to know more.

I like the idea here of creating the four Death Guard that make up the small force on the run represented in this story. Having one of these figures be a Deathshroud Terminator in Sergeant Khorak is particularly exciting.

Perhaps creating a small kill team of Blackshields would be a good idea, though the lack of iconography might make them look a little bland. Crysos Morturg will be the lead, a mostly cybernetic (from the head down) Blackshield psyker. I suppose that I would go after a mix of Iron Hands bits there.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-05 - Lighting +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++

Just as shown in the image above, there may be many situations on Deathwatch missions where darkness plays a role. There are rules to handle different levels of light in the game.

These three light levels are as follows:

  • Daylight/Bright Light
  • Shadow/Twilight/Fog
  • Darkness


Characters move through darkness at half speed. They may take a hard perception test to move faster, or they drift in a random direction. I'm thinking about how I can incorporate this into 40k with night fighting -> dawn/twilight -> daytime.


Weapon Skill tests in the darkness are hard. Ballistic Skill tests in the darkness are very hard. They take a (-20) and (-30) test respectively. Characters can conceal themselves in darkness as a routine (+20) check. In 40k, what about a -2 WS in combat during night fighting and a -3 BS shooting during the night. All of a sudden, searchlights and night vision become very worthwhile additions. I am having trouble finding more information about concealment in the rulebook. There is nothing in the index about it. I will search more later.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

+++ Deathwatch RPG 101-04 - Movement Revisited and Carrying, Lifting, and Pushing Objects +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++

I wanted to revisit the distance issue and question that I presented in my last movement post for the Deathwatch RPG by setting a standard unit of measurement from here on out to represent the RPG on the tabletop.

I also will talk about the mechanics of carrying, lifting, and pushing objects.

+++ MOVEMENT - PART 2 +++

From before:

"In 40k first edition, we measured the inch as a representation of 2 yards or about 2 meters. That would give most characters a 4" move and 6" charge with an average agility bonus of 4. While this does not bother me, as a round represents a very short amount of time. This would give a standard bolter a range of 50" however, which would cover most table distances and not add to the strategy. A pistol would have a range of 15". Is this OK? Most weapons would always be in range. I suppose this is OK for me at this point. Consistency is really important for me here between the worlds - so some outside thoughts here would be really helpful to me."

So, while I like the distance moved for charges here, on the battlefield, having 50" range bolters is just not a good fit. Heavy weapons would have near infinite range on a 4' table, and would be in range of lighter weapons very easily.

What I decided to do is to represent every 4 meters in game as 1" on the table. I will round the range of each weapon to the nearest 4" on the table here to keep some consistency. I will adapt these weapons to the tabletop in future posts. What are your thoughts on this? I really want to connect the RPG world to the games on the tabletop.


Not really much to talk about here. You can do these things in similar ways to other RPGs and much of the time you do not need to worry about them.

Next topic - lighting!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

+++ Hobby Add-ons - White Dwarf November 2016 Pt. 1 +++

+++ OVERVIEW +++
When I buy White Dwarf magazines, I usually go through each page over the course of a week and stick mini Post-It Notes over each 'idea' that I like or would like to do something with.

On my side of things, I need find a way to organize the information so that I can convert the great ideas/painting guides/models/releases into something that I can process. This is the start of that. This is not a review.

Essential Question:

What can I take out of November 2016's White Dwarf Magazine?

So these are the bits that I am taking out of November's White Dwarf magazine to add to my hobby portfolio. I will not be taking or scanning pictures of individual pages, as I feel that will probably break some type of copyright. If I can find the pictures from a valid GW source (like Golden Demon), I will post them.

I really like this piece, as it showed the use of industrial scenery as part of a Genestealer Magus. I will try this idea out when I put mine together, possibly today.

I suppose that I could use some foam, copper tubing, and a craft knife to achieve this affect. I will either go this route and try to recreate this background OR I will just use some cut up scenery from Necromunda that I have lying around.

I think this guy helped me click with the idea that a non-industrial base would be silly for the cults.

I don't know much about Ulrik the Slayer, but I now know that I want to paint one. What great colors within. Maybe this will be an off-week painting purchase.

There also was a great base for Kaptin Badrukk and a great gold color scheme for a Trueborn of Commorragh that would be a great leader for my Dark Eldar Kill Team. If and when I try to recreate these ideas, I will post them.

Painting Schemes

I saw a neat color scheme for blue skin tones for Nurgle. At the very least this could be used for some blue monster skin:
  • Basecoat: The Fang
  • Wash: Drakenhof Nightshade on softer regions
  • Layer: Fenrisian Grey on softer regions
  • Wash: Nuln Oil on harder skin
  • Highlight: Hoeth Blue on whole model
Painting on a Mutalith Vortex Beast's icon of Chaos:
  • Basecoat: Corax White
  • Wash: Cassandora Yellow mixed with Fuegan Orange
  • Highlight: Dorn Yellow

In the next post for the November White Dwarf, I will talk about Street Gangs of Commorragh, Mandrakes with Instant Death rule? Also, a Dark Eldar poison nerf, modelling Blood Ravens, a roll-off AOS style modification to 40k, basing your models, and who is Castellan Crowe?